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Why Should You Create a Tax Deferred Landscape?                               


Spend more $. Send IRS less $. Also, to protect assets from  Long Term Care if ever needed.


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My New Holistic Approach                                                                  


Even if you’re going up in the market 15%, with taxes, you’re going down.


Tax, Income & Risk Approach:

  • I specialize in saving my clients hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes through the way we allocate assets.
  • I then use those tax savings to help my clients generate significantly more retirement income.
  • And we achieve both these goals while reducing the overall risk in their portfolios.


Macro versus Micro view:

  • I specialize in retirement strategies that take a macro approach to reducing taxes.
  • You are probably more familiar with a micro approach to taxes, which works to minimize your taxes in a given year or one year at a time. 
  • Our macro approach is different. It’s true that many CPAs miss this approachOur goal is to minimize the total taxes you pay over your entire lifetime and retirement. I love the phrase:  “You make more money by saving on taxes than by making more money!”


My Alignment with an actuarial firm with proprietary analysis models:

  • I believe in helping my clients make informed decisions about their retirements, and to make an informed decision, my clients must be informed about Optional vs Mandatory Taxes!
  • When meeting with a new client, I usually discover no one has ever analyzed the potential taxes that could pay in retirement – and how that will impact their income.
  • So, I partner with an actuarial firm that has developed proprietary analysis models.
  • These models help me evaluate the tax burden building in your current retirement approach – and provide options for addressing your tax burden and increasing your income in retirement.


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Janet Schroder is president and founder of Seniors 1st Resources in Edgewood, KY. Her 28 years of service, extensive knowledge, experience and passion for working with retirees positions her to educate her clients on creating safe, secure financial solutions in areas such as:

-Strategies to grow and increase your income, control taxes, protect principal and gains from ever suffering any market loss

-Strategies to claim higher Social Security, reduce or stop Social Security tax; replace lost spousal Social Security and pensions

-IRA Help. Who should inherit your IRA/401(k)? If you don’t need the money for living expenses? At 70 ½, calculating distributions?

Benefit of doing a Rollover?

-Strategies for estates that are IRA “heavy” & present a greater income task risk to IRA owners and their children

-Strategies to protect income & estates from rising medical costs, insurance premiums and long-term care.

Janet believes family and health care are two things you can’t put a price on but that you would probably do anything to protect.

Where does the government get its money? Will taxes go up? Could your government benefits be reduced? Does the government change IRA/401(k) rules to meet its needs? Will you plan or just suffer the consequences of the government’s plan?

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Exclusive rights to this material belongs to GPS. Unauthorized use of the material is prohibited.